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UM Ventures

Success Stories

In the last two years, UM Ventures has increased technology licenses by 46 percent (28 in FY11 vs. 41 in FY13) and new startup companies created by UM faculty increased by 120 percent (5 in FY11 to 11 in Fy13). See results table below.

UMCP 2011 2012 2013 2014
to date
Disclosures 118 134 136 49
Start Ups-additional info below* 2 4 8 2
Licenses 14 13 18 5
UMB 2011 2012 2013 2014
to date
Disclosures 88 131 128 49
Start Ups-additional info below* 3 3 3 1
Licenses 14 21 23 9
Total 2011 2012 2013 2014
to date
Disclosures 206 265 264 49
Start Ups-additional info below* 5 7 11 3
Licenses 28 34 41 14


Featured Companies

Diagnostic anSERS

Diagnostic anSERS is a Start-Up producing inexpensive, ink-jet printed SERS-active substrates. Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS) requires two components: a Raman spectrometer and a substrate. However, the sheer cost of the non-reusable SERS substrates, which are frequently manufactured in clean rooms, drastically limits its commercial potential. By using a novel ink-jet printing method, Diagnostic anSERS is able to produce and sell paper SERS substrates at a much lower price than the competition. Taking advantage of the unique wicking properties of paper, the company is able to produce not only the conventional P-SERS Spot™, but also the P-SERS Swab™ and the P-SERS Dipstick™. Learn more at


Maryland Energy and Technology Systems (MEST), LLC has licensed a novel cooling technology based upon thermoelastic shape memory alloys that will contribute to the US energy consumption reduction goals. This technology provides a coefficient of performance (COP) of a thermoelastic solid-to- solid cooling system that is up to 102% more than that of a vapor compression technology. Since the refrigerant in a thermoelastic cooling system is in a solid state, the technology completely eliminates the need for the high global warming potential halofluorocarbon refrigerants in the liquid-to-vapor systems, while requiring a smaller operational footprint. Learn more at


Myotherapeutics LLC is a drug discovery and development company focused on treating largely untreated muscle disorders such as ALS, muscular dystrophies (MD) and age related muscle wasting (sarcopenia). Myotherapeutics was founded by Dr. Eva Chin, a faculty member in the Department of Kinesiology at the School of Public Health at the University of Maryland. She is an experienced drug discovery scientist with experience in early phase drug development through to Phase 2 clinical trials. Currently, there are no drugs available for most of these conditions and the one drug available for treating ALS has limited efficacy and no impact on the muscle deterioration at the heart of the condition. The Company, with its two pronged strategy in the form of the Therapeutics and Diagnostics divisions, intends to maximize its market opportunity and limit risk. Learn more at

N5 Sensors

N5 Sensors, Inc. of Rockville, MD has licensed a novel chemical sensor technology which combines semiconducting nanostructures together with the oxide nanocatalysts to form ultra-sensitive, highly selective, low-power, and economical chemical sensors. This technology is unique as it allows us to design micro-scale chemical sensor arrays on a single chip with tailored sensitivity and selectivity, something currently not possible with any other technology. N5 Sensors is commercializing this technology for variety of sensing applications, such as environmental monitoring, toxic chemical release detection, and industrial safety. Learn more at


Otomagnetics, LLC has licensed a technology to treat inner ear disease by magnetically injecting therapeutic nanoparticles from the middle ear into the inner ear. Magnetic injection promises to reduce the side effects of current treatments of inner ear maladies. Magnetic injection can reduce the whole body exposure to pharmaceuticals by treating only the infected area and by treating with drugs that cannot cross the blood-brain barrier. Also, less invasive cutting is required. Otomagnetics plans to be a leading device supplier to clinics for the treatment of middle and inner ear disease such as infections and tinnitus. Learn more at

React Labs

React Labs, LLC, of Bethesda, MD, has licensed a real-time polling platform that permits people to provide instantaneous, moment-by-moment reactions to live broadcast events using mobile devices. The technology combines the reach and convenience of smartphones, the precision of traditional polling questions, the instant responses of "dial test" hardware, and the engagement users feel when generating opinions on social media. React Labs made its public debut during the October 2012 presidential debates.  Learn more at

Streamlined Embedded Technologies

Streamlined Embedded Technologies, LLC (SET) is a new technology company that has been spun out from the Maryland DSPCAD Research Group of the University of Maryland Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, and Institute for Advanced Computer Studies in College Park, MD, and launched in collaboration with the Maryland Technology Enterprise Institute. SET provides optimized signal processing solutions that enable deployment of advanced functionality for processing, communicating, and managing images, video streams, and various other forms of sensor data. SET seeks to provide richer and more efficient forms of information exchange for users of communication networks. SET’s cooperating tablet, smartphone, desktop computer, and cloud-based applications. Learn more at

Other UM Start-Ups:

  • LMH Associates
    • LMH Associates of Rockville, MD has licensed the copyrights to University of Maryland Traditions by Margaret Hall and Linda Martin, a colorful look at the variety of traditions on the University of Maryland campus. The book, which covers transitions from the look of the mascot Testudo over the years to the proper pronunciation of the many acronyms on campus, was given out to freshman students in 2011 and was an instant hit. LMH plans on expanding to cover the traditions of other universities.
  • MucoTrans, LLC
    • The mission of MucoTrans, LLC is to deliver desired vaccine antigens, adjuvants and immunotherapeutic agents through the body’s surfaces. With the platform nature of the delivery technology, the goal is to develop the effective and safe mucosal vaccines against mucosal infections and the immunotherapeutic strategy to control mucosal inflammation.
  • Prasidiux, LLC
    • Prasidiux, LLC has licensed a stimulus indicating device which employs polymer gels that provide a low cost, automated, reliable, visual indication of an undesirable exposure to a predetermined stimulus over a certain timeframe. The types of stimulus inducing a transition phase within the device include characteristics such as temperature, humidity, radiation, visible light, solvent composition, pH, ionic strength, etc.
  • SecondWrite, LLC
    • SecondWrite, LLC has licensed the first static binary rewriting technology that rewrites binaries without relocation of symbolic information of any kind. The software provides wholesale recompilation of the binary including re-doing register allocation, instruction selection, etc. Thus, binaries are rewritten without relocation and symbolic information permits those other than the original software developers to rewrite the binaries. The resulting advantages of this novel static binary rewriter are rewriting 100% of binary code with relatively no run-time increase, enforcing security on untrustworthy program codes, bypassing malicious codes hidden in the software, and rewriting obfuscated binary code, thereby preventing against future obfuscator use.

Three Recent UM Baltimore Start-Ups Enter Commercial Phase

Three Start-up companies leveraging technologies and know-how created at the University of Maryland, Baltimore have recently entered the commercial phase of business.

  • Founded in January 2013, Advance Management Services (AMS), which has a licensing agreement with the University of Maryland, Baltimore related to a software-based clinical outcomes management system for the behavioral healthcare industry, achieved its first commercial sale (roughly $20,000) during the second quarter of 2013. The sale was related to a license with the AMS product "KIDnet" for integrated treatment program reporting in a system of care behavioral health environment.
  • Analytical Informatics (AI), founded in August 2011, offers a suite of quality improvement tools created by leading universities and innovative Start-up companies. These innovative tools have been proven to provide health care organizations with improved quality, efficiency and better workflows. In the last quarter, AI has added three new customers.
  • SilcsBio, LLC, founded in April of 2012 and located within the University of Maryland BioPark, provides software and services for drug discovery. The co-founders are renowned researchers Alexander MacKerell, Ph.D., Grollman-Glick Professor, UM School of Pharmacy, and Olgun Guvench, M.D., Ph.D., Assistant Professor and Vice-Chair of Pharmaceutical Science, University of New England. SilcsBio has recently achieved initial revenue from drug discovery services from a company in Pennsylvania.

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